Clarifying Our Values

As week seek to connect gatherings together into a 24-7 schedule, the following values give clarity unto the type of gatherings that would be appropriate to add to the statewide 24-7 calendar.

  1. Ministry to the Lord – vertical ministry (worship, prayer and presence), not horizontal ministry (teaching, fellowship, church service, etc.)
  2. Worship with prayer – prayer “in the spirit of the tabernacle of David” with the goal of including live musical worship (recorded music may be used initially)
  3. Citywide/Regional Emphasis – prayer & intercession with a focus beyond one church congregation or ministry – praying for the city, region and/or nations
  4. Corporate Prayer & Worship – two or more gathered in His name

While we validate the importance of many types of church gatherings, God has given us a specific vision for 24-7 North Carolina based on the values above. In light of that, the following would not be appropriate to add to the 24-7 calendar:

  • Church services & fellowship meetings
  • Gatherings where worship & prayer are not the primary activity
  • Individual one-person prayer times & prayer chains
  • Church prayer meetings that focus only on the needs of that one congregation

Submit Your Gathering

If you believe your gathering aligns with the values above, please use the form below to submit your gathering for consideration. Thank you for helping us build 24-7 prayer with worship!

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